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The WebHostingBuzz was started in 2002 with an idea to provide affordable hosting services at the time when the companies were charging high prices to the standard services. Webhosting has over 250 servers made available in three different data centers that serve over 250,000 websites. It is based in New York, U.S.A.

The WebHostingBuzz is one of the privately-owned hosting companies which serves its customers across the US and Europe. As mentioned the company was founded in 2002 in the US and it initially began its life as a reseller for the other large web hosting company.

Late it has started to grow its business beyond the re-seller model and into the own independent hosting business, which went on to launch its European brand in 2009.

The WebHostingBuzz offers a wide range of hosting services, from the shared hosting to the dedicated servers. Windows and cloud hosting are not yet made available through the company. And it is worth noting that there are two WebHostingBuzz sites, one is webhostingbuzz.com and the other is webhostingbuzz.co.uk.

Features of WebHostingBuzz:

The WebHostingBuzz has a lot of features, but this may not be apparent at its first. Though it lacks its integration with the Cloudflare Railgun and skimps on the ad credits that the iPage offers, the WebHostingBuzz has a solid list.

The high-end and dedicated packages provide everything that a user would expect. The servers of it are connected over the 10-gigabit redundant network, the storage is set up in the RAID 10 and the users can get a dedicated 100-megabit-per-second connection to their websites. The VPS and dedicated packages have the 100 percent uptime service level agreement provided to the users.

The other and much more interesting packages are the shared servers. Unlike many of the web hosts, the WebHostingBuzz does not use the Apache servers. Instead, it uses an Apache alternative known as the LiteSpeed which is a paid, proprietary server software that comes with all the benefits of the Apache servers, including the ModSecurity, but with less overhead.

If the load which the server handles is decreased, it means an increase in the speed and the uptime for the user’s website. The Shared servers will fight against having too many websites and has no enough resources, so having the server software which is better optimized helps to combat these issues.

There are few other security-focused features, too, which offer the LiteSpeed servers and the accompanying LiteSpeed Cache, also the WebHostingBuzz misses in a few areas.

Namely, it omits on the website builder. Though WordPress and most of the other applications are supported through the Softaculous app installer, there is no website builder available.

If the user has no design experience and wants to put up its own website, then check out with the best website builders guide and Wix ranks as one of the tops in the list. The WebHostingBuzz also has an impressive list of features, which includes the cPanel, multiple layers of caching and the LiteSpeed servers.

To start with, the WebHostingBuzz offers a free migration service to the customers who are willing to move to them from the other host. As they offer a decent package, it is likely the customers may want to move towards them for its services. In such cases, the free migration service will be available in handy.

The WebHostingBuzz takes pride in itself for its fast web servers the users can expect high performance from it. These fast servers will eventually help with a faster page loading which in turn helps the users site to be visible in search engine rankings. Along with the fast servers, the users can also get a fast support system which will help to set up their website within minutes.

The hosting packages do not include any kind of free SSL but the users can opt for the paid ones. It offers three different packages for the users to choose from. Depending on their needs, the users can choose a package and ensure the safety of their website as well as for the visitors.

Many of the hosting companies which are available at present in the industry offer a one-click installer for the people who are not the web programmers which is no different from others.

With the one-click installer, the users can install the applications and scripts, such as WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop and many other applications which will help them to run the website successfully even if the users are not a programmer by themselves.

Ease of Use:

The easy-to-use cPanel known as the control panel, which manages the user’s websites should be as easy as it goes. The users can manage their resources usage, files, applications, and statistics all with the same interface.

This is also where they will be able to see how much of disk storage the users have used and how much is still remaining. But yes thanks to the massive hard drives and the 10 Gigabit internets, the users need not have to worry about the storage and the bandwidth issues.

The WebHostingBuzz is a streamlined website that makes it easy to find the plan irrespective of the dense lineup. It has a bit of the A2 Hosting and a bit of the Kinsta in its bones, which means it makes it simple to find out the plan the user wants to while displaying the technical details.

The transparency with pricing should not be downplayed, either because the WebHostingBuzz displays its actual monthly price where the users will be paying, there is no question on what the user’s bill will be once they go to check out. And the checkout is simple, too.

The WebHostingBuzz will ask the users to register a domain, point their existing one or transfer one on their own. After that, they will choose their duration, enter their account information and be in their own way.

The WebHostingBuzz asks for the user’s accounts information before completing the checkout, the users can go from choosing a plan to their control panel without ever fetching the account credentials from the email.

Control Panel:

WebHostingBuzz’s plans come with the cPanel as a standard one for all of the web hosting. This is widely used in the hosting industry and it should be the familiar one to most of the users.

The resellers will get the WHM as well and the VPS hosting customers can purchase the cPanel for an additional cost. The users can go directly to the control panel, which is laid out clearly and also cleanly.

The design is reminiscent of the In Motion Hosting without being a rip-off. There are four boxes that show that the user’s services, domains, invoices, and tickets, along with a window that displays the user’s active services and a small bubble is seen in the right corner for the live chat.


The users are offered with three different packages such as the Buzz Light, Buzz Power, and Buzz Premium. The pricing is quite an affordable one when the users consider the fact that they get an unlimited disk space along with good bandwidth.

The Buzz Light package allows them a single domain only, whereas the other two packages allow for unlimited domains. Similarly, the Buzz Light offers a 400GB of disk space while the other two packages offer unlimited storage.

It is worth mentioning for the price the company charges, where 400GB is more than enough. Only the Buzz Premium package allows the users to pay monthly. For the Buzz Light and the Buzz Power, the users can only pay on a yearly basis or for only two years.

There is also a discount given to the users if they pay for the whole duration upfront. The users can also make use of the offer which is a 45-day money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the quality of the service provided by the company.

Uptime and Downtime:

The shared and the reseller hosting of WebHostingBuzz comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. It promises to credit the customer’s account if it fails to meet the guarantee. The dedicated servers are also advertised with the 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

WebHostingBuzz regularly posts the server’s uptime statistics on the company’s blog. Whilst the vast majority of the servers which appear to hit the 100% uptime, few do occasionally drop below 99.9%. It is still refreshing to see this information publicly which is presented in the easily accessible spot.

The WebHostingBuzz utilizes a server in 3 Tier and 4 data centers which are located in Atlanta and the Phoenix in the USA, and in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. All these facilities feature redundant power systems, backup power, and climate control along with onsite security. All these are fully staffed at all times.

Hosting Plans:

The WebHostingBuzz offers a shared, VPS and dedicated hosting, though the last one is a bit sketchy. There are few reseller plans, too, but they are just the bundles of shared plans put together for the purpose as well as reselling too. Though its lineup is solid, there is still a missing which is managed through WordPress and the cloud hosting a lot.

Firstly there are shared plans. The shared hosting is where the multiple websites are put on the same server and can share the resources between them. Unlike the most shared plans, there are few limits imposed on their accounts for memory, CPU usage and the I/O speed.

Though the novices may see the limitations as the bad thing, they are good when talking about shared hosting. Often, the unlimited plans lead to few websites getting to the hog resources while others struggle to keep them up. By imposing the limitations, the WebHostingBuzz is able to ensure everyone on its server to get a fair share.

The VPS plans to take this idea and run with it. Virtual private servers are the virtual servers who hosted on the physical ones. For instance, if there is a physical server with 8GB of the RAM, four cores of the CPU power and the 100GB of storage, there could be four virtual servers, each with the 2GB of RAM, a single CPU core and the 25GB of storage.

The dedicated resources isolate them from other users. If buying the shared hosting is living in the large apartment complex, then buying a VPS server is purchasing the townhouse.

The WebHostingBuzz has a solid range of VPS plans, too. There are eight tiers to be chosen which ranges from an inexpensive one-core to the 1GB of RAM basic plan, to the powerhouse quad-core, an 8GB of RAM server. As mentioned earlier, there are few budget options, too, if the users need to save the coin.

We have also mentioned the lack of dedicated servers. There is a product page, but all these offers were sold out recently when last checked. The budget servers, which are the underpowered ones when compared to the WestHost’s dedicated servers, and are the only ones that are available.

The WebHostingBuzz only offers to host on the Linux operating systems. There is a range of plans which include simple shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers.

As mentioned earlier, the WebHostingBuzz was originally the reseller where its focus was definitely on the reseller plans, but it does not have a very comprehensive range of hosting services available across the board.

There are three plans available for users who are looking for shared web hosting. Each plan allows for unlimited email accounts, the FTP accounts and the MySQL databases, which can be purchased for either 1 or 2 years.

The low-cost hosting mini-plan allows the customer to host up to around two websites with disk space of 400GB and bandwidth of 5,000GB.

The Hosting Standard plan will increase the available disk space to around 750GB and the bandwidth to around 10,000GB. This plan comes with the free domain name and lifts the limits on the number of websites that can be hosted.

The top-end shared hosting plan which is offered by the WebHostingBuzz is called as the Hosting super-size plan. This plan takes the step up from the hosting standard plan and allows for unlimited disk space and the bandwidth. On top of that, the customer gets the free SSL certificate along with a free 2Checkout.com merchant account.

It provides four reseller plans to choose from, each which comes with a free Blesta client billing software, the anonymous name servers, the Cloudflare CDN and the CodeGuard.com backups.

The company’s experience in this area could be enough to tempt the new resellers so that they can sign up. The reseller mini-plan comes with the 100GB disk space along with the 1,000GB bandwidth and It allows for up to 50 client control panels to install.

The reseller standard plan allows for the 200GB disk space along with the 2,000GB bandwidth and an unlimited client control panel. The reseller professional plan offers the 300GB disk space along with the 4,000GB bandwidth.

This plan also provides the customers with a free domain name and a free 2Checkout.com merchant account.

The reseller premium offers its users a step up from the professional plan. It provides the customers with the 400GB disk space along with the 10,000GB bandwidth. In addition to this professional plan freebies, the customers also get a free WHMCS license too.

There are 4 VPS hosting plans also made available through the WebHostingBuzz. The virtual servers are all managed by the WebHostingBuzz and the clients get a free Blesta license as a part of the deal.

The VPS Bronze plan provides its users with one dedicated IP address, a 20 GB disk space, 2500 GB bandwidths, 1 GHz processor along with a 1024 MB RAM. The next plan is the VPS Silver plan. This provides the users with a second free dedicated IP address, a 40GB disk space, a 5,000GB bandwidth, a 1.5 GHz processor power, and the 1536 MB RAM.

The VPS Gold plan increases the disk space up to 60 GB and with bandwidth to 7,500 GB. The customers will also get a 2GHz processor power and the 2048 MB RAM.

The VPS Platinum plan provides its users with 4 dedicated IP addresses, an 80GB disk space, 10,000GB bandwidth, a 2.5GHz processor power, and the 2560 MB burstable RAM. The WebHostingBuzz has 3 dedicated server options made available to the users. Each comes with the 5,000GB bandwidth, the 100 Mbps network port, 4 dedicated IP addresses and the free Blesta client billing software.

The entry-level server is based on the Intel G6950 2 X 2.28 GHz processor where the server comes with the 4 GB RAM and 2 X 1 TB SATA hard drives.

The mid-range of server comes with an Intel Xeon X3430 2.4 GHz processor, 16 GB RAM, and 2 X 1 TB SATA hard drives.

The high-end server comes with the 2 Intel Xeon E5504 2 GHz processor chips, 32 GB RAM and the 4 300 GB SAS hard drives with RAID10 hardware.

Beyond these hosting plans, the WebHostingBuzz also provides an affiliate program for the customers who wish to make the money through customer referrals.


The WebHostingBuzz offers a solid security lineup across its plans, which is much more so than the competitors. As with these non-security features, it covers most of the bases, ensuring the visitors to arrive on their website quickly and safely.

The user’s website has to stay online for this to happen, though. For this, the WebHostingBuzz offers free website backups. Though the users may have to upgrade to the Business shared tier to access the daily backups, all these hosting plans come with, at least, incremental backups of the users hosting account and the cPanel.

What this means is that the backup is made of the user’s site when they first launch it. When the changes are made to the website, these changes are updated in the backup, hence it is the “incremental” moniker. The users can download their MySQL database, home directory or the full website backup from the cPanel at any point in time.

Also includes in all the plans is an SSL/TLS certificate, which basically tells that the browser who is visiting their website that they are to be trusted. This certificate allows the browser to open the encrypted connection between the user’s website and the visitor, by protecting the personal information which passes through.

Customer Support:

Initially, at the very first look, the support service looks very impressive. They offer a 24/7 chat as well as the 24/7 ticket support system. The waiting time for the live chat is guaranteed to be less than ten seconds whereas, for tickets, the users are guaranteed with a response within half an hour.. Looking at the documentation and the tutorials, one can say that their support system is quite a professional one.

The WebHostingBuzz customers are supported through the range of channels. The Self-help comes in the form of a wiki, in the form of guides, or the company blog, FAQs and the tutorials. The client’s help area provides access to the knowledge base and the company news articles.

Here the customers can also raise the support tickets to the 24/7 technical support teams. There is also a phone line and a live chat facility available, but these are not made available 24/7.

The WebHostingBuzz maintains an active Facebook and Twitter accounts. More importantly, the company gives enough time to interact with its customers through the above-mentioned channels; which is not just a one-way feed.

Money-Back Guarantee:

There are two money-back guarantees provided by the WebHostingBuzz to its customers. The first is the 45-day money-back guarantee for the web hosting customers and the resellers, which is longer than the average one. The VPS customers will also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

These guarantees do not include a dedicated IP address, the domain name registration fees, and the other associated costs. And this is a standard clause in the hosting industry.


  • A One-click installer is provided in the plans.
  • A responsive chat and ticket system is made available.
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth is offered in the plans.
  • The LiteSpeed servers are applied.
  • An easy to use Cpanels are made available.
  • A free malware scanning system is applied.
  • A fast process is seen.
  • Mod Security is applied.
  • A free SSL and TLS certificate is used.
  • An inexpensive plan is provided to customers.
  • Free domain privacy is given.


  • No free SSL certificates are included in the plans.
  • No website builder is seen.
  • No managed WordPress plans are provided.
  • No cloud hosting is applied.


With fast servers and affordable packages alone is convincing enough for the average website owner to happily choose the WebHostingBuzz. Added to that the other features, such as the cPanel, the SSL certificates, the unlimited storage plans, and the bandwidth make it one of the most ideal website hosting providers.

The WebHostingBuzz appears to run as a tight ship. Whilst the services which are not so unique, but its range is very comprehensive and backed up by the well-structured plans which offer a good value. There is plenty of technical information on offer for those who would like to know exactly what they are actually paying for.

The publishing server statistics for all of its servers are also the most admirable one, this alone inspires the confidence in the services it provides. The uptime guarantees and the price freeze guarantee are the other big plus points, and the company’s past experience as the reseller may appeal to the new customers who are looking to become resellers in their own right way.

The lack of a 24-hour support line may put some of the customers off. But if they are happy to rely on the email, ticketing and the social media channels for the support, then this should not cause much of a concern.

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