Is Paying in Crypto for Supplements and Medications Possible Now?

Globalization and internationalization have become an integral part of our lives. The pharmaceutical industry has not overlooked this and has followed the modern revolution. Many medications (both OTC and RX) are offered online now, and different payment methods are available. But is it possible to pay for meds and supplies safely? Let’s figure it out. 

Types of Pharmaceutical Sellers in Online Market

There are several types of pharma sellers operating in the Internet:

  • Licensed online pharmacies. They have appropriate license, are listed in specialized official catalogues, and offer original medicines. 
  • Authorized sellers of dietary supplements. Like licensed pharmacies, these sellers operate officially. However, they are not subject to licensing process, and dietary supps are not meticulously checked by state regulators (like American FDA), because they are often treated as foods. 
  • Affiliate websites. There are many of such sites for different audiences (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech etc.). They operate on the basis of affiliate income, a fee which is paid by sellers which are promoted by these websites. They are often informative, but sometimes the only their purpose is to make money. 
  • Rogue pharmacies. Despite Google’s efforts to fight this phenomenon, illegal drugstores are still abundant in the World Wide Web. They obtain medicines from unknown sources, sometimes offering complete counterfeits. Be careful to check whether the seller is legit before buying on its website. 

Is BTC Payment Possible?

As a rule, licensed drugstores don’t accept BTC and other cryptos as a means of payment. Only rogue ones resort to this method, because they are not regulated and can do anything they want. 


Unfortunately, at the moment, in most cases a possibility of paying in BTC or crypto for medicines is a sign of rogue pharmacy. This statement may not be true for purchasing herbal supplements.

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