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iPage was founded by Thomas Gorny, MA, in Burlington, in the year 1998. The goal of iPage initially was to be a complete provider to web solutions.

Later, in 2000, the company put its business on hold till 2007 and it was re-launched again as a 100% web hosting provider with two data centers which were located in Boston, MA and its office is in Burlington.

At present iPage is one of those many providers who are owned and run by the Endurance International Group known as EIG.

The team which leads iPage today is one of the industry leaders. The iPage is now one of the most recognized web hosting brands and is currently hosting more than one million sites.

The iPage focuses on three major aspects where the customers mostly care about:

  • Email
  • Sites
  • Security.

Green Web Hosting:

iPage is a firm that believes in the use of green energy. It buys sufficient Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to offset all the energy that is used by their servers, in its headquarters, and in its data centers.

This purchase is enough to offset the usage by 200% and the wind energy more than covers all the usage along with plenty left over.

The businesses that choose to have their sites hosted through the iPage will also benefit in knowing that they are doing something good to the environment by:

  • The amount of energy which is offset is equivalent to planting around 244 acres of new trees.
  • And more than three million kWh of wind energy is fed back into the power grid for over a two-year period.
  • All the businesses which host their sites with the iPage can include a Green Badge on their sites. The visitors who view the site can simply click the badge and then they can see that the customers are doing something positive about their carbon emissions, which acts as a selling point.

iPage is a full-service domain and also a web hosting provider that is targeting the smaller businesses who are looking forward to jumping into the e-commerce arena.

It is also owned by the Endurance International Group, which is a conglomerate that owns the top internet firms like the Bluehost, the HostGator, and Constant Contact.

In addition to offering the users with unlimited disk space, a free domain name, and an unlimited number of email addresses, the iPage has numerous features which will help the users to quickly and easily develop their site.

They can also choose from hundreds of pre-built website templates and themes. The users can also opt to use the mobile-optimized website builder.

The other feature which is appealing to the small business owners is its ability to quickly implement the e-commerce add-ons, such as the shopping carts and the PayPal integration.

The iPage integrates well with any of the commonly used Content Management Systems (CMS), such as WordPress, the Drupal, and the Magento.

Main Features of iPage:

The iPage hosting contains many features that make it stand out as the hosting provider apart from the competitors. An outline is defined below;

  • It provides a free domain name.
  • The users are given unlimited emails for the plans they choose.
  • Unlimited disk space is provided to the users.
  • The company is 100% powered by using wind energy.
  • A free site-building tool that includes various templates is provided.
  • A daily malware check and spam scans are done.
  • A scalable bandwidth is made available.
  • An unlimited domain is provided to the customers.
  • An unlimited MySQL database is provided.
  • Easy installation of apps such as the b2evolution and WordPress is given to users.
  • A 99.99% uptime guarantee is seen with the site.

Unlimited Emails:

This feature includes a thorough testing functionality so that the users can test it before sending it. It also includes spam management where the users no more need to delete tons of spam every day.

Each individual mailbox has a maximum storage capacity of around 500MB or 10,000 email messages the ones which come first.

Unlimited Disk Space:

As long as the customer’s usage falls under what the iPage considers it to be as the normal operation of their iPage website, where few users having tens of thousands of files, they are forced by the iPage to consolidate their files.

Unlimited Domains:

The users should take note that iPage makes it easy for them to set up their first few sites. Where afterward, the process becomes increasingly difficult.

If the users need more than a handful of sites, then they are better off with the reseller host plan or something similar.

Scalable Bandwidth:

For most users, they will get what an iPage considers as the unlimited bandwidth, though few power users are encouraged by the iPage to upgrade themselves from a shared plan to the VPS plan.


Security is the biggest concern for the customers’ business while choosing the hosting provider. Here is a list of few security features which are offered by the iPage:

  • 24/7 monitoring is done so as to detect the problems and can be fixed fast.
  • Nightly backups and restores are seen.
  • Access to the website error logs.
  • The power supply backups are provided.
  • A state of the art encryption is observed.
  • A firewall is installed for protection of the site from malware.
  • Human monitoring is done to protect from threats.
  • Multiple Redundancies are observed.
  • Each machine has an identical machine which kicks in seamlessly when the first machine crashes for any of the reason. The units are also backed up with other sets of units that contain a mirror to copy the user’s data in case any of the primary units or disc fails.

Sitelock Security:

The SiteLock is the extra form of security, where the users can activate the malware scans to protect their visitors from viruses and a few other problems with this system. It verifies their domain so that the user’s visitors will know their site is legitimate and is not merely another phishing scam.

  • It posts a security badge so that the user’s visitors will see their site is regularly tested.
  • The users can access the pooled structure which provides better speed than the competitors.

Website Builder of iPage:

The iPage’s primary goal is to provide its users with the web hosting that they need to get their site up and running smoothly on the internet.  

If the users do not already have a website, then they can easily build one by using the iPage Website Builder. If the user will purchase an iPage hosting plan, then it comes with the free version of the iPage Website Builder.

With this version, they can build up to six pages for their website. And upgrading to the Professional or Business versions will get them the extra features.

The features included with Website Builder are:

  • An easy-to-use along with a drag-and-drop editor is available.
  • A beautiful theme is provided to help the users to get started with.
  • The modular design for ease-of-use is offered.
  • Support for the premium HD video.
  • A premium version control is available.
  • The premium analytics is featured.
  • E-commerce functionality is applied.
  • Full checkout processing is seen.
  • Support for coupon codes.

Hosting Plans:

The iPage has various plans to offer so as to meet the users hosting needs. Which plan will the users choose from depends on the individual needs and the requirements of their business?

Shared Hosting:

The iPage gives its users one option for the basic shared hosting. In addition, they also offer two plans for the WordPress shared hosting, which is discussed below:

The plan is designed to do everything which most individuals and other small businesses need and it includes:

  • A free domain name is provided to the users.
  • A free site builder and templates to help the site with a fast set up.
  • The customers are provided with personalized email addresses.
  • Plenty of marketing credits are made available to get the users going.
  • The 1-click installation of the apps, blog software, photo galleries and many more are offered.
  • The 24/7 customer support through phone, live chat, email tickets, a knowledge base, and tutorials is also seen.
  • The online store facilities include the shopping carts, PayPal integration, coupons and more. The 1 GB of Cloud storage is provided to the users so that they can access the material from anywhere.

Shared Hosting Resources:

One of the best things about the shared hosting plan is that they allow its users to host unlimited domains on it which is coupled with the unlimited disk space; the users won’t be limited by what they can host on the package.

Disk Space:

When the iPage speaks about unlimited disk space, they mean it to a large extent. But the users will still have to remain within the realm of what the iPage considers the normal website use to be as.

At times, the customers try to use the web hosts for the file storage. And this is not an acceptable use of the web hosting account.

There are few specialized file-sharing plans if the users need this. A large majority of the users will have more than enough disk space for the normal hosting needs.


The iPage also gives its users a scalable bandwidth which means that the users won’t be charged to penalties for going over the limits or for the face website performance issues when they do.

The iPage’s architecture scales increase the user’s bandwidth instead and automatically whenever the user’s website needs a number of resources this is such as a big spike of traffic from an ad campaign that the users are running.

This plan can work for small businesses, where the user’s website may outgrow the architecture. When this happens, they may experience performance issues.

When this occurs, the iPage will work with the users to upgrade their website to a higher-performance plan such as the VPS options.

Pricing Comparison

When compared to the other competitors iPage is slightly cheaper for its promotional rate. In the end, the users will be paying the same price for any of the hosting companies.

WordPress Web Hosting

IPage’s Essential plan also supports WordPress hosting. It includes the one-click install of application where the users can purchase the additional WordPress optimization package which is an a la carte or they can simply sign up for the WP Starter plan which is the same thing.

Special Features of WordPress:

The iPage’s  WordPress plans include an unlimited disk space along with scalable bandwidth.

The plans come with the following features:

  • Free plugins and pre-installed themes
  • A control panel which is customized to managing the users WordPress sites
  • Malware removal software
  • Professional security called Sitelock
  • Top-Notch customer service
  • Speed
  • In order to run WordPress at a very top speed, iPage places its WordPress sites on the low-density servers which results in faster load times for the visitors.

Hosting for the websites includes multiple caching layers and also a content delivery network (CDN). These features will help the user’s website to run smoother and also load faster.

Spam Protection

Most of the people use WordPress to build blogs. And unfortunately, these blogs can be a target of comment spam which can be very annoying to remove. The iPage will implement a firewall to defend their website against issues like this.

 WordPress Website:

The WP Live is one-on-one assistance for WordPress users. The iPage has a convenient connection through the control panel and to the third party service which is called WP Live. It is a paid service made available at an affordable monthly rate.

And yes, the users can cancel it at any point in time, by making this a really attractive option. The users can use it when they have a question or a problem, and cancel it when they don’t.

This promotional video from WP Live provides a helpful overview of the service. The users can get help with any of the WordPress questions or problems, including how to grow the traffic, or how to get started selling online, and how to fix the plugin problem.

VPS Hosting:

The Virtual Private Servers abbreviated as VPS will provide greater performance, speed, and customized options to the users than the shared hosting.

They are the most suitable option for the individuals or business that has outgrown the shared hosting.

The advanced users who are looking out for greater control over their hosting will often choose the VPS. Since the servers are virtual ones and are based in the cloud, the users have an easily scalable resource for when their website demands more resources.

Hosting Unlimited Domains:

This plan also allows users to host unlimited domains. They are provided with varying amounts of disk space and bandwidth according to how much they are willing to pay.

VPS Resources:

The disk space and the bandwidth limits will still give them a higher performance than they can get with the iPage’s unlimited resources through the shared plans.

This is because the resources are dedicated to the users alone and are available for their use at all times. With shared hosting, the resources are shared between everyone who is seen on the same server.

Development Tools:

As the VPS plans are targeted to the advanced users, the available development tools are also equally important. The iPage’s hosting includes unlimited MySQL databases and the FTP user accounts.

They will also have optional root access. The VPS plans when compared to other competitors are on the expensive side. The users can get some sense of the value that they are getting with iPage’s VPS plans when they compare them to the domain.com’s.

The VPS plans cost about 50% more per month which actually adds up when they are paying for the multiple years’ worth of the hosting.

But it should also be considered that the iPage provides double the disk space when compared to Domain.com, even when seen on their cheapest VPS plan.

Dedicated Servers:

The dedicated hosting gives its users the highest levels of control, performance, speed, and also security. With dedicated hosting, they can get an entire server devoted to them.

The benefits of the dedicated server hosting are:

  • The ability to install any kind of application
  • High levels of security along with mirrored storage
  • Up to 15 TB of bandwidth and around 16 GB of RAM
  • Choice of the cPanel or the vDeck control panels
  • The regular price for the low level dedicated server hosting is approximately $150. It is needless to say, that this is for the enterprise-level of use.
  • Simple Control Panel Based on the vDeck
  • For the shared hosting accounts, iPage has customized its own version of the popular vDeck brand control panel.

From the control panel, the users can check and create their website; they can create and manage the email addresses, view the website statistics, can manage their backups, and perform many other administrative tasks. There are three plans available.

The users can get their own server and can also choose to manage it by themselves or can have an iPage expert to manage it for you.

All the plans come with various benefits of the essential and VPS plans which loads more.

  • The vDeck control panel is included
  • Around 100% control over of all aspects of the user’s hosting plan
  • An optional root access
  • Maximum site performance is seen that is unhindered by the other users.

iPage’s Website Builders:

Every customer who is purchasing the hosting plan is provided with free access to 3 of the website builders: The iPage’s own builder, well-known Weebly site builder, and the Ecwid which is an excellent e-commerce builder.

The iPage Site Builder:

The users can choose from more than 100 of mobile-friendly templates. A template is nothing but a pre-built website, where the users can simply swap out the placeholder with text and images of their own.

Responsive Design:

The designs are “responsive” is a technical term which means that the user’s website will adjust itself to automatically display and properly fit on different screen sizes, such as the desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

The responsive design is an essential thing these days where such a large proportion of the consumers do most of their shopping and the research over their phones.

The iPage’s website free builder will help the user to create a basic 6-page website. The users can get a head start on their design with a pre-built section which they can customize to suit their design preferences.

The users can build their website straight from the browser without having to download the applications to their desktop.

Page Elements

The builder is intuitive which means after choosing the template; they can drag anything from anywhere they want.

The users can add things like:

  • Buttons
  • Contact forms
  • Maps
  • Email sign ups
  • Image galleries
  • A color scheme of their choice
  • The user’s choice of font to fit their brand
  • Add Facebook comments
  • An embed of their Twitter feed

Customer Support:

To contact the iPage’s customer service team is very easy and they can be reached through the online ticketing system or the 24/7 chat and through phone availability. If the users are not satisfied with the services that they receive, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • A 24/7/365 support through phone, email and live chat
  • Helpful and knowledgeable tutorials
  • Large knowledge library
  • No waiting time through Live Chat
  • Calls are usually answered not less than two minutes
  • Emails are answered just within two hours
  • Its entire support staff receives an extensive Quality Assessment to ensure that they know what they are doing.

Guarantee Policy:

One of the best features that are available to iPage customers is the company’s guarantee. Each and every customer is given a few following assurances upon joining.

A 30-day money-back guarantee where the domain costs are deducted. A 99.9% uptime guarantee where it binds to


There are a number of additional bonuses and features also available to the iPage customers. These include the following:

  • $100 for the Google AdWords
  • $25 for the Bing or Yahoo ads
  • $50 for the Facebook ads
  • Free listing on the yellowpages.com
  • Free marketing along with search engine credits
  • A site with authentication seal
  • Domain Privacy

Domain Privacy:

When purchasing the domain name, the user’s personal information includes name, physical address, email address, phone number, and many are published in the public-accessible directory.

If the users want to hide this information, they can do so by purchasing the domain privacy which is a good option, especially for the small business owners who are using their personal account to purchase the hosting plan and the domain name.

The users may only want a professional address or at times even no address to be associated with their website.


  • It provides really cheap pricing.
  • Provides with host unlimited sites on any of the user’s one account.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered.
  • Instant activation of the user’s accounts once it is paid for and is registered.
  • The unlimited storage, bandwidth, and MySQL databases are made available.
  • Provide unlimited domains to the users.
  • A free site building tool is provided to help even the new members to get attracted.
  • A free shopping cart and an online store are offered.
  • A 99.9% uptime guarantee is assured.


  • After the initial term, the renewal prices are higher than that of many other competitors.
  • The statistics are not broken down into the individual sites.
  • When the user logs in, at times there is an upselling.
  • The domain price is higher than the usual ones after the first year.
  • The site-building functionality is limited unless the users are upgrading to one of the more expensive plans.


iPage is a reputable hosting provider that has a solid history of performance along with cheap pricing.

If the user is considering a hosting site, then iPage is definitely worth to look into. However and as with any other web host they consider in signing up with, then they need to ask a lot of questions before committing to any of the hosting providers.

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