Hostinger Review

Hostinger Review

If the user is looking out for a simple, easy-to-use, and a budget-friendly hosting for their website, then  Hostinger should be on their list. It is a Lithuania based company which offers inexpensive shared, cloud, and VPS hosting plans.

The Hostinger claims to offer its users the fastest web hosting and the world-class platform. The Hostinger got its start in the year 2004 as a tool to allow the users to create a website for free. It has evolved its product line since then and has enjoyed steady growth gradually.

Today Hostinger is the global presence which is serving 29 million customers across 178 countries. And approximately 15,000 new customers every day sign up for their services, as per the companies data.

Hostinger’s Mission:

Hostinger has stated that its goal is to provide the people with tools which they need to build a website for free and also to get a low-cost hosting.

Web Hosting Services:

At present, Hostinger offers users following types of web hosting services:

  • Shared hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Specializing in Low-Cost Hosting

Irrespective of which hosting type is right for the user, the Hostinger emphasizes the affordability and on the low prices for all its products.

Many of the Hostinger plans come with:

  • A free domain name
  • A free SSL certificate
  • The protection against malicious attacks e.g., DDoS attacks.
  • An SEO Toolkit
  • Free website building service.

The Hostinger provides its services whose goal is to make web developer’s lives a lot easier. The Hostinger is the provider of a fast, stable and streamlined web hosting service at a very low price. The company boasts to have local services across 39 countries and around more than 29 million customers, with an average of 20,000 customers who sign up each day.

The Hostinger mainly focuses on shared hosting and on scalable virtual private servers, which are optimized for WordPress and it has a drag and drops, website builder. The VPS services also offer the daily and weekly backups along with a free domain for the yearly plans. The services of the data center make use of a top-line storage technology which is made up of powerful solid-state drives.

The company offers an uptime guarantee which is around 99.99%, and it is the standard in the industry. The Page load speed of it is 70-80 ms on average. The users can be sure that their website will be always up and runs smoothly as the platform is cloud-based.

Apart from these, the Hostinger offers a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, and email accounts. The Customer support team is readily available 24/7 and it can be accessed through the live chats or tickets.

For the domain registrations, the vendor has one of the cheapest in the industry. Domains that carry the .com cost is less than $8.99 annually while that of .xyz, .online and .tech cost is around $0.99 per year.

For the users who hold the advanced hosting plans, the services provide unlimited subdomains and parked domains, by enabling them to compile the web properties.

The Hostinger offers a top-rated hpanel that is easy to use and it is packed with helpful tools. The company provides unlimited and unmetered web hosting services with loads of space and high-quality cloud features.

With Hostinger, the users will be easily able to host any kind of website using the FTP users, email accounts, and the MySQL databases. Also, the provider’s pricing is highly competitive when compared to competitors.

Uptime & Reliability of Hostinger:

The Hostinger offers an industry-standard uptime guarantee service which is 99.99%. The firm’s virtual servers are built on the cloud network which means the users are assured with top availabilities and are always on the websites.

Overview of Hostinger Features

In addition to the resources which a user needs to host their website, The Hostinger offers a

variety of features, along with the add-ons to make managing their website easier.

Let’s take a closer look at the features and indicate if the users need to purchase a certain plan to gain access to them without incurring any additional charges.

cPanel or Control Panel:

All the shared, WordPress and e-commerce plans come with the cPanel Control Panel to manage the user’s website and the web hosting environment.

Additionally, to managing the user’s hosting plan, billing information, domain names, and email accounts, the user will go to find the FTP tools.

These tools are used to transfer the files to or from the user’s server, as well as are the auto-installers for many optional features like the image galleries, blogging suites, forums, and much more.

The VPS users get a control panel as well, but it is not as the cPanel. The specific option which the users get depends on the Linux operating system which they choose while signing up.


Most of the plans come with a free SSL certificate which is issued by Let’s Encrypt. The SSL certificate makes it possible for the transmissions between the user’s server and their visitors to occur on the encrypted transaction.

Adding to it, the SSL certificates prove that the user’s site is a legitimate one and it improves

their SEO rankings the secured sites are ranked higher than the insecure ones.

DDOS Protection:

The Hostinger also offers users protection against malicious attacks like the distributed denial of service attacks (DDos), due to the firewalls which protect all the user’s sites.

Domain Name Services:

The Hostinger is a domain name registrar which is an addition to the web hosting provider, therefore the company is capable of registering a new domain name and it accepts transfers of the existing domains from other registrars.

With an exception of the entry-level plans such as the shared, WordPress, and e-commerce, all the users will get a free domain name as part of the package. But if they are not one of these users, the Hostinger will sell domain names for $0.99.

Website Builder:

The Hostinger’s website builder is a free, user-friendly and it can be used to launch the online store, portfolio, or the blog.

The users need not have any kind of technical knowledge to use it, and they can just have the new website up and running in minutes.

Email Hosting:

The Hostinger offers the email-only hosting, which is a good one if they want to receive messages by using a custom domain and they are not interested in setting up the website.

There are two options from which they can choose:

Firstly, the Business Email, which gets them a 5 GB account, a calendar, and the management, with spam protection, and an email migration tool.

The second one is the Enterprise Email, which gets them everything in the Business plan but

with more storage of 25 GB, a file and folder sharing, docs management, HTML email templates, and the alerts with reminders functionality.

The annual subscribers to the email hosting plans will also get a free domain name.


Depending on the user’s hosting plan, they might get an automatic backup. Few of the plans offer the weekly backups, with more premium options that will come with the daily backups.

The users can, however, perform the backups manually whenever they would like to by using their control panel.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Most of the Hostinger’s plans come with unlimited bandwidth, which means that there is no limit to the number of people who can navigate to the user’s site at any point of time and receive a response from their server.

According to the Hostinger’s knowledge base, the users can use as much bandwidth as they would like with the paid account.

Disk Space and MySQL Databases:

Most of the less expensive hosting plans come with a fixed amount of disk space, while more of the premium options come with an unlimited allocation of disk space.

Similarly, to the number of MySQL databases which are allocated to the user’s site varies, the users with unlimited disk space also get unlimited MySQL databases.

All of the Hostinger’s servers rely on the SSDs termed as solid-state drives which are superior to the HDDs termed as hard-disk drives with respect to speed and reliability.


As mentioned earlier in the introduction the Hostinger’s claim to offer the fastest web hosting.

This can be a tagline and they don’t begrudge a web host with the opportunity to put the best foot forward. But the users need to take a closer look at this claim.

The Hostinger states that its server response times for the WordPress sites are an average of 112ms(milliseconds), which is actually impressive.

Our team has decided to test the Hostinger website itself, by using Google PageSpeed Insights.

The Google Page Speed Insight has scored the desktop and mobile speeds of the Hostinger’s site as an Average. With a score of 50-89 out of 100, which is average.


The users can find the add-ons available to them by logging in to their Hostinger account and then going to the Store, which is where they would go to get the additional domain names, the purchase email functionality, get support, and much more.

SEO Toolkit Pro:

One of the add-ons which our team wants to draw the user’s attention to is the SEO Toolkit Pro.

SEO is important, especially when it comes to driving the new visitors to their site.

The SEO Toolkit Pro helps to rank the user’s site better by providing them with:

  • The search engine indexing status which makes sure that the search engine crawlers are reaching their site.
  • organic traffic levels estimates.
  • The insights into the keywords which best fit the user’s site.
  • Assistance is provided with site optimizations for mobile users.
  • The site’s performance reports are provided.
  • Checks and alerts on the broken links, errors, and security issues.
  • Assistance with the on-page SEO improvements, such as the Meta titles and its descriptions.
  • Having a tool that walks the user step-by-step through actions to improve the user’s SEO is particularly useful for the beginners.

Datacenters and Technologies:

The infrastructure web host uses the power of the user’s website matters. Here is what the users need to know about the back-end of the Hostinger’s services.

The Hostinger’s data centers are located in Brazil, the United States, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, and Indonesia, with the Lithuanian data center in the future. The Location does matter because having a data center close to the users visitors means better speed.

The Hostinger has implemented many fail-safes to protect the data which they have. The company also run several frequent backups automatically.

The Hostinger aims for high availability; the company protects its users from the malicious attacks which are designed to take websites offline, It identifies and removes the malware as soon as possible, and it offers its customers the content delivery networks to distribute the locations from which the data can be sent.

The Hostinger is big on caching so that the requests for the user’s website will happen on with less frequent, for example, the user’s logo is unlikely to change so that they can cache that and reduce the calls to their server for the resource.

If any worst were to happen, the Hostinger’s disaster recovery plan can restore their account using the most recent snapshot of the user’s environment within the minutes.

Pros of Hostinger:

  • The Hostinger provides a good value for the user’s money.
  • It’s quality site manager is similar to that of the cPanel.
  • It has no limitations to the site builder.
  • The users can give others secure access to their websites.

Cons of Hostinger:

  • It has one of the richest knowledge bases.
  • It has no phone support.

Customer Support:

The Hostinger offers around-the-clock support and it makes knowledgebase articles available for the users through a widget on each page of the hpanel. A reply on the page usually takes only a minute on average. If the users cannot find a solution there, then they can contact their support agents through live chat, email, or online ticket.

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