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GoDaddy is a well-known hosting space in the industry; it typically serves as the site owner’s introduction to the world of web hosting. The company makes it easy and affordable for the users to choose their domain name, sign up for the hosting, and to start building their online business or personal web property.

It is well known for its domain, email, and shared hosting services. The GoDaddy offers options for the virtual and dedicated servers too. The company provides its users with an upgrade process which is as seamless as possible, the customers should not shy away from scaling their site as their business needs to be grown. The GoDaddy is a hosting home that will grow alongside its customers.

Bob Parsons has launched a company named Jomax Technologies in 1997. Later in 1999, its staff started to brainstorm on new names for Jomax. One idea was Big Daddy but it has already been registered.

Bob Parsons then suggested GoDaddy and it was available, then it was bought and the company was renamed later. The reason why it stood out because people smiled when they heard it.

The company’s main goal from the start was to provide the customers with an affordable and simple way to put their ideas online. At present, GoDaddy has around 59 million registered domains and 13 million+ customers across the world.

Today it is the largest registrars of domain names and also hosting in the industry, they have approximately 4000 employees. It is well-known for its various celebrity spokespeople who represent the company.

They are seen advertising at the Super Bowl and sponsor NASCAR, amongst other things. The GoDaddy has purchased numerous other companies over its journey. They are into businesses which deal with software, media, email marketing, Media Temple and many more.

The acquisition of these companies has helped to strengthen GoDaddy and enable even more growth to its already huge web presence.


The GoDaddy is known for its outstanding ads and the attention it gains from the commercials, It is one such player which has managed to grab the attention towards it in the web hosting industry in several ways.

GoDaddy is not only known as the company for its comprehensive web hosting services, but it is also famously known as one of the world’s largest domain registrars since its establishment.

In its list of accolades one such numerous awards the company has gained for is its top-notch customer support made available 24/7/365, along with a comprehensive set of website tools, and a rock-solid uptime.

If the customers are thinking about using the GoDaddy as their web host, then they can be sure that they are making a good choice. The company is a well-established one with a strong reputation and with 2 decades worth of experience in the industry.

A One-Stop for Small Businesses:

GoDaddy offers numerous services which cater to the small business owners or the internet entrepreneur who are looking out for a one-stop-shop:

  • The users can get a new website or an online store.
  • They can get a domain.
  • They are provided with SEO.
  • The user’s site can be found in a local search.
  • They can get help from social media marketing.
  • The users get online bookkeeping squared away.

They can get a business phone number and can be forwarded to a personal cell phone, by making calls with their cell phone number which can be masked as their business number.

Leading Page Loads & Domain Hosting:

GoDaddy has the fastest and most reliable page load times by using the cPanel and Linux, It has the world-leading 17 million domains under its management; The GoDaddy offers an appealingly low price for the registrations.

The customers can quickly select a personalized domain and sign up for the hosting to support their new site in one fell swoop.

If the customers sign up for any one of the company’s annual hosting plans, then GoDaddy will include their domain name at no additional cost to them.

By using the simple industry standards like cPanel users can get a lot of advantages.

And GoDaddy takes pride in its speed with the administration panel, which conveniently allows a lot of common applications to be installed in a few minutes.

It provides few options for the one-click installs of the content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and a few others.

Advanced Features for Seasoned Users:

In addition to the shared hosting, GoDaddy offers few other specific hosting packages such as dedicated, VPS, along with WordPress.

The company’s WordPress-specific hosting is one of the most affordable in the hosting industry, especially when the users factor in the top-notch performance.

The VPS option allows the users for seamless scaling as their site grows. The

GoDaddy also allows for resource allocation and upgrades it without having the provision of a new server.

Performance and Uptime:

One of the strengths of GoDaddy is that the users can always rely on the dependable uptime which will ensure that their website remains accessible at any point of time.

The company also offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee and it goes out of its way to ensure the promise is fulfilled.

Uninterrupted power supply:

Powerful cooling systems are placed to keep the servers and other equipment at the right and required temperature. A lot of conduits are applied to protect power and fiber cabling.

The center is also placed under massive security with the technical staff monitoring operations round the clock through the CCTV to keep intruders out and also to catch and fix the problems the moment they occur.

The GoDaddy page load times are very fast and all thanks to its global centers. If the customers ever have any kind of issues with their site, then the GoDaddy support team is made available round the clock to help them.


For optimal performance, especially with the e-commerce sites where slow sites mean fewer purchases or the WordPress sites which usually comes with the relatively bloated core system, then the content delivery networks (CDNs) are great ideas.

The main purpose of the CDNs is to cache the user’s site across the network of servers, and when the user requests the customer’s site, the files are sent from the server which is the closest or shorter distance which means shorter transport time.

But GoDaddy does not offer any CDNs, it does support easy integration with the CloudFlare options.

Security and BackUps:

When it comes to ensuring the security of the user’s website, then GoDaddy will deliver more than its satisfactory services. The best part of GoDaddy is that it starts right from the simplest hosting plan which is the Economy Package.

The GoDaddy’s introductory shared hosting plan utilizes a secured shell and it also uses a spam detection in the user’s control panel and the email accounts.

The other advanced plans will utilize more intensive security and it offers support for things like the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). It also offers the SHA-2 and the 2048-bit encryption for all its hosting plans and the option to buy a SiteLock which is a service that provides spam and malware monitoring, site-verification certificate, and the app scanning.

The users are also given access to malware scanning and removal features. As for the site backups, the GoDaddy will perform a daily backup and the malware scans for the user’s website.

They will also allow them to create the backup copies of their website whenever they want or they can also pay a small amount as a monthly fee to have the files backed up and stored in the cloud.

Ease of Use:

GoDaddy has been a go-to solution since a long time for the beginners who are amateurs in web hosting. The company has a newly released and simplified interface called the 1-click application that installs and upgrades the support which can be recommended with confidence.

The GoDaddy relies on a few familiar and user-friendly platforms, such as cPanel, softaculous, CentOS, and Microsoft Office 365, where customers can be sure to appreciate it.

A streamlined drag-and-drop website builder with extensive knowledge base is coupled with the round the clock support, which means anyone can design, create and launch, and can grow the site within a few minutes.

The user control options are the most popular ones in the hosting space, where the users can choose between the easy-to-use cPanel or Plesk control panels, along with the plus root which is the administrative access for more tech-savvy customers.

If the customers are particularly interested in the webmail, then GoDaddy will offer an intuitive interface to keep up with unlimited email accounts the user has with him. All this can be easily accessed and secured with the users GoDaddy login info which they receive on signing up.


The pricing of GoDaddy hosting is very economical at each and every level, in particular when the user considers all its free perks which are included with the low prices.

The GoDaddy’sshared hosting has naturally lead the charge on the cost-effective hosting, but few budget-minded customers can find it surprising with the deals along with the upgraded VPS and dedicated server plans too.

Reliability & Support:

The 99.9% uptime guarantee makes difficult to rank GoDaddy among the top providers in the hosting world because this rate is largely considered as a minimum standard in the industry.

For most of the users, consider 99.9% uptime as absolutely plenty. If the user’s website or application requires a higher guaranteed uptime rate, then they should consider a more premier and higher-priced hosts or the upgraded services.

Hosting Packages:

GoDaddy takes the crown of domain registration as far as the world of web hosting is concerned, with around 60 million domain names under management, and this is not all where GoDaddy is good at.

It also offers satisfactory web hosting services with a lot of great features, which are backed by 24/7 technical support. Its introductory shared hosting package which is the Economy Plan features a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited monthly data transfers, along with 100GB of disk space and 100 emails.

These features also keep getting better and higher as up the hosting packages ladder the user goes. For example, the “Ultimate Plan” adds to it a 1-year SSL certificate and 1000 email addresses, along with the various other features.

WordPress Hosting:

For the users of WordPress, GoDaddy offers a specialized WordPress plans to them. These are the shared hosting plans, but they are customized in such a way to get the best possible performance from their WordPress site.

The users will also get bonuses like the themes, staging areas, and the premium plan support.

It offers a lot of support to WordPress users. But the most important thing the users need to understand is that they offer something called the managed WordPress hosting which means the company takes care of handling all the technical details, like the plugin updates and the WordPress software updates, that the user would normally have to deal with.

This may be particularly attractive to small business owners. Few such features and benefits are:

  • GoDaddy makes sure that the user’s plugins and the WordPress software are always updated and are current. This is the critical and important one for protection against hacks.
  • The company automatically creates the daily backups of the user’s website.
  • The one-click restore, if anything goes wrong with the user’s website and the one click of a button will restore everything.
  • The users can choose from a number of pre-built websites and can also simply customize their own.
  • Most of the plans available have the SEO visibility features baked with in it.
  • The users will get access to thousands of WordPress themes and plugins.
  • The user’s site will load quickly.
  • The company will routinely scan for and will deal with the malware.
  • Moving the user’s site to GoDaddy is as easy as clicking on a button.
  • The users will have access to the WordPress technical experts 24/7.
  • Few of the plans will give the users access to what is called the staging site which is the private, duplicate of the user’s site where they can test out the changes in the design or with new features.
  • The company will install WordPress for the user.
  • The user will get a free domain.
  • The user will also get a free email account.

Dedicated and VPS Plans:

The dedicated plans will allow the users to outfit the GoDaddy’s servers with up to 32GB of RAM, along with 1TB of storage, and a 20TB of data transfers for every month, where the VPS plan features stuff like the 8GB monthly data transfers and unlimited domains and unlimited emails.

Basically, with a higher level and higher price of hosting packages, the greater will be the features the users can get.

Customer Support:

Customer support is the main focus of the GoDaddy team at present. Currently, the team has an award-winning collection of experts in the staff who are readily available to handle the customer support tickets and the emails 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

While they are also available on hand to talk to the users through any kind of issues, they are also keeping an eye on the user’s server, as well as the other clients who are sharing the user’s server.

The company has round-the-clock security monitoring which enables GoDaddy to guarantee an uptime rate of 99.9% or even better. This uptime rate is by no means the outstanding one in the industry, but for most of the end-users, this is what is all required.

It includes a 24/7 Phone, Chat, Twitter, along with Email Support, An extensive online help center, and the Ticketing System.

Unless the user is a tech genius who can handle the running of a website or any kind of issues which may arise, then they will probably need the help of the technician at some point of time.

GoDaddy is always available when the user requires help with the tech support specialists who are available through the live chat, phone, or email. They are always ready to answer the user’s questions and fix any kind of technical issues at any given time of the day or night.

According to most of the user’s reviews, GoDaddy’s customer service and technical support are excellent. The support staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and is prompt with very fast response times be it ranging from less than a minute to more than 10 minutes.

And it is the norm with most of the web hosts currently, GoDaddy has a massive knowledgebase where the users can find most of their answers to support questions.

MoneyBack Guarantee:

GoDaddy offers its users a money-back guarantee which is quite vague and it is related to the length of the user’s plan.

They get 45 days of money back if it is an annual plan. The user will get 48 hours if it is a monthly plan but not all the money is refunded.

Extras or Bonuses:

  • A free domain name for the first term of every website users create.
  • A free website migration is allowed from the other hosts to GoDaddy.
  • A free website builder is provided for all the hosting plans.
  • A $200 worth of credits which will allow the users to make use of some free advertising in the Google AdWords along with Yahoo and Bing.
  • A 1-click app install feature which allows the users with quick and easy access to around 125
  • apps ranging from the CloudLinux to Drupal, to MySQL, and even WordPress.


  • The GoDaddy’s pricing is cheaper when compared to most of the other web host company’s choices.
  • It provides an unlimited bandwidth right from the basic hosting plan.
  • It offers a full circle of services from the registration of the user’s domain name to the hosting of the user’s site, to the email and the security services. This saves them from the trouble of having to purchase a separate service for their site.
  • The GoDaddy’s website builder is a visually friendly one and it has a drag and drop interface which makes it easy to insert the content on pretty much anywhere they wish too. It also comes with the ability to perform the backups.
  • It provides the email accounts for most of the hosting plans and it also gives the users an option to purchase the more advanced email services. This is a huge benefit for the business websites as the owners can engage in email marketing.
  • The GoDaddy does its security very well and it also supports plenty of other technologies especially the ones dedicated to thwarting spam and hackers.
  • The users can be able to optimize all of the basic SEO functions of each of the web pages using GoDaddy’s website builder.
  • The GoDaddy does daily backups of the user site, though they can purchase the ability for more frequent backup.
  • The cPanel which is available with GoDaddy is easy to use and it is equipped with more than the standard array of features.
  • All the hosting plans come with the 45-day money-back guarantee, which is lengthier than the standard 30-day refund that is offered by most of the web hosts.
  • The GoDaddy boasts of using the latest web hosting technology.


  • The biggest downfall of GoDaddy is the fact that they cannot change the themes once they have chosen from the pre-made designer templates without losing their content. Therefore, the users need to be 100% sure that they have found the perfect theme before committing on any one of the templates.
  • The company’s website builder which is the mobile display is not as great as that of the other websites.
  • According to the good number of users review, the company’s support team is not too helpful when the customers need help with switching to the other web host.


GoDaddy is one of the go-to domain web hosts for millions of users across the world for a reason. It maintains an ever-expanding network of the users by offering a blazing-fast load times, award-winning security and top-notch support, and a free domain name when users sign up for a yearlong plan.

It is a great hosting deal, particularly for the beginners and the small business owners, at a great price. It is a company with good value in the hosting space, and boasting a very low cost for the shared hosting services and has long-standing credibility in the domain hosting industry.

With the hosting available for as little as a dollar per month, it is hard to be at GoDaddy’s price point. It keeps on revamping the user interface to improve the customer’s experience, GoDaddy is taking the user-friendliness along with responsive support to new heights.

The company’s round-the-clock service features a 24/7 server monitoring and its emphasis on balancing performance and security.

Although GoDaddy’s uptime guarantee is not an outstanding one, the company’s page load speeds and general reliability are very impressive.

All in all, the bottom line is GoDaddy is one of the reliable options to accommodate the users hosting needs.

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