How to Create a Website in 2019 (Step-By-Step Definitive Guide)

What is the first thing that you notice when you enter into a website??

Think, think, isn’t it the lavishness, the quality of the homepage?

Grabbing viewers attention and making him to stay on your website is not an easy task, and a good template helps in doing it.

So, what is a template? A website template is a pre-built webpage, or collection of HTML web pages, used to plugin images and content to create a website.


Are you an amateur in the business field, do you want to expand your business? But, don’t know how to get started?

Keep your worries aside because you have a solution now, the only thing you have to do is blindly sign up with the top 10 website builders listed below.

What is Website Builder?

Website builders show up with a variety of options, so it is an important task to choose a website builder who is perfect for your website.

Website builders feature drag and drop software that helps you in changing content and other options easily and quickly.

A few more advantages you get through website builder is safety and security.

Best Website Builders 2019 has spread over 190 countries with 100 million users and this all happened within no time. It’s affordable and one can easily create a website in a few minutes. Thanks to wix now everybody can create their own website.

The features and templates wix offers steals the show, Wix’s built-in tools are outstanding and make your work simpler in designing your website.

Wix has two options Wix ADI or Wix editor, Wix ADI will help you in designing your website. It has a few questions for you like what kind of website you are interested in and even before you realize your personal website will be created in front of you.

Wix editor helps you from dragging anything on your website to anywhere with just a simple click.

There are seven premium paid plans and they vary from $11 – $15 per month. Costlier the plan the more you can unlock the features.


  • Wix templates are the best in the market.
  • It allows you to animate text.
  • You can add 100’s of website apps to your website.
  • It has an automatic backup option.
  • Highly, inherent and easy to use.


  • Templates cant be changed easily.


Undoubtedly GoDaddy is one of the established internet companies. Their mainstream business is to provide domain name and web hosting but you can also create your website directly with them.

It includes over 1500 business options, an inherent interface with low pricing plans. GoDaddy is a beginner friendly website with optimized-mobile designs.

Having design assistance, the only thing you have to do is enter your details and GoDaddy will generate a site that will meet your needs.

It offers you an unlimited bandwidth limit and can create up to 999 pages.

Godaddy has the lowest average pricing plans when compared to other builders. It offers a free trial for a month. It has four types of plans personal, business, business plus and an online store.


  • The website can be created in a matter of minutes.
  • It is very easy to access.
  • They have responsible layouts and adaptable to mobiles and tablets.
  • Removing and adding elements is a cakewalk.
  • They have a well-structured editor.
  • Chat and voice support is available.


  • It offers less creative freedom.


Site123 assists you in creating a website much quicker than one could imagine, they have well-designed templates, apps easy to blend, and gives you the option to sell products online.

Sites created using Site123 are very reactive, it detects the device visitor is using shows him the site that fits his device.

They have free hosting on a secured server, it makes your site visible and available to others the moment you hit enter. It gives you access to the third party plugins so you can create your website the way you want it to be.

Site123 is mobile friendly and you can access it on any mobile phone or tablet. Site123 can be used for creative art websites, medical websites, blogs, photography websites, sport websites, technology websites, business websites, restaurants and food websites.


  • Templates are highly reactive while using mobiles and tablets.
  • The live chat feature is very supportive.
  • Translation option available.
  • The free plan can be tested as long as you want.
  • Easily accessible.
  • It offers voice support to customers.


  • Unable to change templates once the site goes live.


Weebly is considered as the most user friendly, vigorous, and dependable website builders, it can be used to launch blog, online store or personal website without a single code.

Weebly lets you build your entire website by dragging photos,menus and icons on pages on your screen and can resize and move them without coding knowledge.

It offers basic tools to your site and if you are in need of more tools you can go weebly app center. Its good to have options for more upgraded tools that you drag on to your website with a single click.

The membership gateway option provided by weebly is great alternate function. Enabling it makes your registered users to access restricted pages and you will have a full control over what’s going on.

It always listens to members and improves itself.


  • Every website credits themselves that they are easy to use, but in weebly case its true.
  • Weebly themes are great and adaptable with mobiles.
  • SEO guide in weebly support center is really helpful for keyword optimization and coding
  • Its a great choice online purchases and small businesses.
  • Certain areas can be only visible to members if your registration is private.
  • Provides both voice and chat support.


  • Drag and drop settings are limited if you don’t know coding.
  • Cannot restore the site personally has to dependant on weebly support team.


BigCommerce is an Australian company and then extended its reach to Austin and San Francisco. It has sales of more than $17 billion stating it one of the biggest e-commerce platforms across the world.

It comes with a vast range of customizable templates that help you in designing your site. you can showcase images and videos of your products but template decide how they should be displayed.

Both online and offline payment modes are available. It does not charge any transaction fees. It offers a free trial for 15 days and helps you in examining the features and set up your online store.


  • There is no limit for adding product variants.
  • It doesn’t charge any transaction for plans.
  • SEO capabilities are of high level.
  • It saves money for stores having low margin and high transactions.
  • Customer support is available.


  • No inbuilt Bigcommerce feature have to do it via coding.
  • If your annual sale limit is exceeded you will be automatically upgraded to a higher plan.

Best Web Hosting Providers 2019

To save your time and help you in building your website, we signed up to some of the most reputed web hosting sites in market to test and collect their performance and reviewed them.

Bluehost – peerless uptime hosting. ($2.75/mo)

People searching for their first experience in web hosting often end up going for  bluehost.

It is a perfect platform for amateurs, with a well-earned reputation for easy to use programming, strong customer support and affordable pricing.

Bluehost is established in 2003 and it is based in Utah. It is currently owned by The Endurance International Group. Since then it has never looked back and became one of the leading web hosting service providers.

 They use their inbuilt admin panel that helps in setting up and controlling websites in a simple and straightforward manner.

The maximum storage capacity varies from 50GB to unlimited depending on the hosting plan you choose and their bandwidth is unmetered.


  • Known for its best uptime speed. (99.99%)
  • Loading time is very fast. (0.41ms)
  • Less intro cost.($2.75/mo)
  • It Provides live chat and phone support to customers.
  • Easy to access and sign up.
  • It assures 30-day money back.


  • A smaller amount of storage on the basic plan.
  • Charges for site migration.

Hostgator Cloud – unlimited hosting($2.99/mo)

Hostgator Cloud has started hosting in October 2002, established by a Florida Atlantic University student in Sunshine State and extended its reach to The Lone Star State, Houston, Austin and Texas. In 2011 Endurance Group took the rights of HostGator.

It offers unlimited storage, bandwidth and email accounts. Their servers are excellently suitable for wordpress sites. Most of their data centers are located in the US, but it also serves to European clients.

Customer panel and c panel on the down side of the Hostgators interface is up to date. It offers excellent fantastic uptime, excellent pricing and various hosting packages.


  • Known for its best uptime speed. (99.98%)
  • Loading time is very fast. (0.43ms)
  • Allows free site migration.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  • Hundreds of features available for shared hosts including email marketing.


  • High charges for renewal.

Hostinger – cheapest web hosting($0.80/mo)

Hostinger is a perfect stop to people searching for easy to use and budget-friendly web hosting provider.

Hostinger is established in 2003, since then it has enjoyed an even growth. At present, it is serving to 29 million customers across 178 countries.

It offers web hosting services with a free website builder, Cpanel control panel, shared and VPS plans. And provides a one-click installation for wordpress.

In spite of providing cheapest web hosting services, it still manages to attain an uptime of 99.91% with a fast average page loading time about 0.37ms.

Bandwidth and databases are unlimited if you go for a “single web hosting” plan. Then after you will be limited to 100Gb of bandwidth, 10GB of disk space, one mail account and one mySQL database.


  • Loading time is very fast. (0.37ms)
  • It provides the cheapest plans for the customers. ($0.80/mo)
  • It has data centers in 7 regions.
  • Assures up time guarantee and 30-day money back.
  • It gives you a free domain for 1 year.
  • Accepts bitcoins as payment.


  • Unable to provide voice support to customers.
  • It does not includes SSL.

SiteGround – Best wordpress support. ($3.95/mo)

Siteground is a privately owned web hosting company founded in 2004. they have offices in Madrid, Bulgaria and Spain.

Siteground is popularly known for its amazing customer support. Above all, they fast and best servers. They offer features like CDN’s an SSL certificate at affordable prices.

It is not one of the cheapest sites, with an introductory rate of $3.95 per month for a minimum of 12 months and costs $11.95 for renewal.

it has data centers across the US, Europe and Asia with a good reputation and gives many offers to customers.


  • Known for its best uptime speed. (99.99%)
  • It Provides live chat and phone support to customers.
  • Commendable performance in wordpress hosting.
  • It allows free site migration.
  • Easily accessible and includes Cpanel.
  • Exceptional servers.


  • Limited storage space.
  • Setting up backups is complicated.

GoDaddy – popular webhost ($3.66mo)

GoDaddy is commonly known for providing domain names, but it also delivered excellent uptime and page speed in last 16 months. They combine with over 125 website apps, so you can always expect a little from it.

GoDaddy has the cheapest plans compared to any other hosting sites, their economy plan costs only $2.99/month without any promo codes. Under this plan, they give you 100GB of storage and unmetered bandwidth.

They also offer a free domain and business email free for the first year.

It also has one-click installations with 125 applications on the internet including Jumla, Drupal and WordPress.

They have a different type of option for both beginners and experts.


  • It’s one of the cheapest web hosting sites in the market.
  • Helps in the growth of your site with advanced hosting and other products.
  • Voice and live chat support are available 24/7.
  • SFTP and staging areas include in their higher plan.
  • Their designs are the best compared to any other hosting provider.


  • The navigation part is a little hard to understand.
  • Lacks the main features in basic plans.

Step By Step Process To Create A Website

Searching for the right platform to expand your business, do you want to advertise your products globally, why don’t you create your own website? Creating a website is not as hard as you think?

Building a website with the help of our step-by-step guides, is easier than you imagined. Definitely, you will see your self satisfied with this.

This guide provides you with all the needed information that will help you build your website in less than an hour.

So, let’s get started.

What is a Website?

A website is also known as a web presence. The website gives an aperture and allows customers into your business. It acts as a bridge in connecting you with your customers.

It is a compilation of publicly reachable, interlinked web pages that share a similar domain name.

A website is filled with the knowledge like expedition, perception, aim, work, and contact of the company.

What are the advantages I get by owning a website?

Expands your reach

Whether you decide to build your website to showcase your love towards music, sell products, to market your business, to telecast or it can be anything, there are no limitations to what you can do.

Having a website allows you to interact with millions of possibilities out there waiting for you. There is no other better platform than the internet to promptly get in touch with the audience across the globe at a minimal cost.

Improves interaction with customers

Your website is never taking a leave, even though if you are off. Your customers can dive into the site from anywhere, whenever they want.

They will always have access to get to know about your products, announcements, offers, etc. A website is far better than passing thousands of business cards.

Low-cost promotions.

As quoted, the web has a faster and wider reach compared to any other form of advertising. it may take some time to get enough traffic to your website, ones it is done it creates a worthy impact on your company’s marketing numbers.

Through this, you can advertise your forums, pay-per-clicks, and social networking site.

Collects feedback.

It helps you to communicate with your clients via email and social media like facebook, twitter, and instagram and builds a friendly bond with customers and clients.

Your competitors

Better be the sooner in having a website. Your competitors will always have an eye on you through your website and standards you maintain on your site acts as a decision maker for clients to come in touch with you.

The workable and appealing site can level your game to compete with small and large scale companies.

How to create a website?

Before creating a website one has to keep in notice that, there are thousands of website building platforms across the market. To name a few joompla, drupal, wordpress, wix and the list goes on.

So it becomes an important factor, which platform you are choosing to build your website.

Make sure that the platform which you preferred to build your website is providing you the 100% of what you have in your mind.

There are a few simple and basic steps that you need to follow to create your website, let’s get started.

Choosing a web hosting plan

Choose any web hosting platform, once you click on “get started now”, you will be redirected to a page where you need to select the hosting plans of your choice.

  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Choice plus

If you have restrictions on your budget, the basic plan will be a better choice for you and if you are expecting more traffic on your website plus and choice plus will be a better option. However, you can upgrade to any plan if you wish to.

Naming your domain.

The primary and crucial task for building a website is to give it a name, that is both catchy and pithy. The name of your website should resemble your product and the services that you promised to provide your customers.

One more thing to keep in the notice is that your domain name should not be lengthy, and it should not be hard to spell because a single spelling mistake can make traffic go somewhere else.

Domain name varies from site to site as they have some special requirements. A small description of the most common types of domain names are .com, .org, .net.

Check the availability

choose a domain name and check its availability. If the domain you wished to have is not available, then go for alternatives like abbreviation or name of the product and services you offer.

Scrutinize the eligibility of your domain name

Different rules and different criteria apply to various domain spaces. One has to go through the platform they choose to build their website for more information.


ones you are all set with the name of the domain you have, go through the accredited registrars to follow their instructions. Service charges, terms and conditions are may differ from registrar to registrar, so examine the differences carefully.

How to Set up your website?

once you are finished with selecting your domain name and set up your hosting, you are all set to go.

To get your website and run, the foremost thing you have to do is to install WordPress to your domain.

How to install WordPress?

There are two possible ways to install WordPress, both ways are easier than one another.

One click installation to create a website with WordPress or any other hosting platform

Almost every well grounded and organised web hosting company one-click installation feature for WordPress.

If you are tied up with any web hosting company, you can see your one-click installation in your control panel.

There are a few steps to follow:

  1. Log in to your hosting account.
  2. Click on the control panel.
  3. Check for the WORDPRESS or WEBSITE icon.
  4. Select the domain where you wish to install your new website.
  5. Click on install now and you will be able to access your new wordpress account.

How to install WordPress manually?

Step 1

install WordPress and save it in the local drive of your computer.

Step 2

add a new folder on your desktop or wherever you want in your computer and unzip wordpress in that folder.

Step 3

Search for the file named wp-config-sample.php and change the name of it to wp-config.phpYou can do this by right clicking the file and clicking on the option “rename”.

Step 4

Go to the wp-config.php and fill in the following lines:

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘database_name_here’); – Database name (if you don’t know your database name take help from your hosting support)

define(‘DB_USER’, ‘username_here’); – Hosting username

define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password_here’); – Hosting password

After filling all the areas, as shown above, save the file.

Step 5

Now log into your hosting FTP (download FileZilla for that). The FTP address is generally, username and password are the same that you used to register to your host.

Step 6

If you find any file named “index” – erase it. After that upload all the files from WordPress folder to the FTP server.

Step 7

After performing the above steps, navigate to

And you will be directed to wordpress page.

How to Design your website?

After the installation of wordpress to your domain, you will look at a simple yet beautiful tidy site.

But to be miscellaneous from others, you need a theme and design template that gives an idea to wordpress how your website should look.

Word press gives access to use thousands of themes designed by wordpress developers, which helps your site to look good and differ from others.

How to find a theme you like?

Log in to your wordpress dashboard.

If you don’t know how to do it, just type, (in place of your site enter your domain)

This how the wordpress dashboard looks like:

Free themes

Your dashboard includes 1500 free themes, just go to ‘Appearance’ and click on ‘themes’.

You can find any kind of theme you want and some of the themes look really professional, so they don’t ignore them.

If you are still in search of themes with more elegance, you can navigate yourself to various sites that have a library of themes at different costs.

As you can see in the above image, a new theme can be easily installed for your website.

Use keywords and filters to find the themes that are suitable for your website. It may take some time, but you are not going to regret it.

Install a new theme

After finding a suitable theme, just click on install and then activate your theme.

However, changing the theme will not erase any of your previous content, pages, and posts.

How to add content to your website?

The content on your website plays a prominent role in bringing the traffic, so you should be careful and sure about the content that you are going to have on your website.

There are three important things for creating content in wordpress are pages, posts and menu. To know about the functioning of all these three will show a huge impact on what and how you write.

To learn how to create pages and posts in wordpress is an important thing.


pages in wordpress are handy as stable information. For example, an about me page or contact sheet would use pages, but eventually, this is separate from the regular content you write and placed in the navigation menu.

How to add pages to the menu?

  1. By clicking on update all the changes will be saved you made.
  2. In the sidebar of wordpress dashboard click on appearance –> menu
  3. Search for the page you created and add it to the checkbox and then ‘Add to Menu’.


The content of the wordpresss will include primarily posts. The content which we post will play a crucial role in dragging the traffic towards the site.

The unique the contact and more it grabs the attention.

How to add posts to the menu?

Create a new category by going to “Posts -> Categories”.


  • Create a blog post by navigating to posts–> Add new. Once, writing the blog post is finished, add the right category to it.

After adding right category to it, add it to the menu, and you are ready to go.

Customization and endless tweaks.

Things to keep in mind while adding title.

Be specific and clear about what you want to say through your website. Using keywords also an important thing to keep in mind. The title of your website will determine your ranking in search engines.

A unique and creative title that is related to the website is what you have to choose.

Things to keep in mind while adding a tag line.

The tag line you add should give additional information about the page.

To change the title and tag line, click on settings –> general and fill the form below.

How to disable comments for posts and pages?

Click ‘screen options’ in the top right corner.

Click on “discussion’. and you will see ‘allow comments’ box at the bottom.

Dis select allow comments.

How to disable comments on every new page?

Click on settings –> discussion and dis select the “Allow people to post comments on new articles”.

How to set up a static front page?

A static page will show the same information when someone visits the site like a home page you built.

To set up it:

Settings –> Reading.

Choose the page that you created. The front page indicates your homepage and posts page is the face of your blog.

If you failed to choose a static page, wordpress will collect your photos and starts to display them on the home page.

How to edit side bars?

You can see a sidebar on the right side of the word press theme.

  1. Go to appearance –> widgets
  2. Drag and drop to various boxes to your sidebar, remove the items that are not necessary.

You can also see a ‘HTML box’ a box where you can use an HTML code. For amateurs, just drag and drop the elements you liked.

Installing plugins

What is a plugin?

Plugins are additions that are developed to extend wordpress capabilities, adding extra features and functions on site which are not inbuilt.

These are the shortcuts that will help your site in doing what you want to, without building the features from scratch.

You can do everything with the plugins from submitting forms, adding photo galleries to creating an online store and optimizing the website.

How to install a new plugin?

To install a plugin, click on “Plugins –> Add new” and start searching.

There are 25,000 variety of plugins to choose from.

After finding a plugin click on install.

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And finally its done, congratulations!!!